Weekend EVENTS

at The SPOT

INDOOR Weekend Events


  • Space Sizes approx: 8′ Table (please advise if you need a larger space)
  • Cost: $20 per day or $35 for two days
  • Table rental $5 per day

Reserve your space

Fill out the form below or call 856.839.2825 to reserve your space.

* Update Quantity in your cart to the number of shows your are paying for.

Set Up Times and Info:

  • Registration Cut-off:  Friday by 5:00 pm. 
  • Set Up Times:  Friday between the hours of 3 pm-6:30 pm and Saturday & Sunday from 10 am-11 am.
  • Set Up Entry:  Vendors are to enter from the back door entry from Wood Street. (GPS 629 E. Wood Street for parking lot entry)
  • Tear-Down:  All tear-down or securing of space must be completed prior to close of business – Close time – Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 5 pm. If you would like to leave before store closing on Saturday and plan on coming back Sunday you must bring a tarp or other means to secure your table or booth overnight. 
  • Under no circumstances will staff remain after closing hours.
  • Spaces are on a first come basis.
  • Reserved vendors must be in their spaces and set up by 11 am.
  • There are no rain checks, space refunds or exchanges. 
  • Read all rules and regulations.
  • Space is for up to one 6′ – 8′ folding table.  Provide your own or you may rent one from us for $5.00 per day.

To Have a Successful Event:


The success of this event is greatly increased by getting the word out to as many people as possible.  The Spot will promote and advertise the event but we also rely on each of our crafters and vendors to help.  We’ve made it easy:  Click on the appropriate Social Media Share Button below to share the event.


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Rules & Requirements

The Spot reserves the right to have complete discretion as to what is sold or not sold at this market and to eliminate any item(s) for sale or the manner in which anything is displayed.

Each seller is required to keep their area clean. No one is permitted to leave any discarded merchandise, boxes or cartons on grounds or inside the building.

Seller is responsible to report any sales taxes if required.

There is to be absolutely no sale of tobaccos, alcohol, water, soda, soft drinks, ice cream, or any other food items except by permissions of the management.

Sale or swap or explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammables, alcoholic beverages, paint ball guns, or items of any obscene or pornographic nature is not permitted. This also includes spray paint or any type of marker, firecrackers, flares, sparklers, all and any type of explosive devices, plus knives, brass knuckles, swords, or any martial arts materials. Water guns of any type are not permitted to be sold or traded. No bows and arrows, no weapons of any kind are to be sold or traded.

No animals are to be sold or traded.

The use of loud speakers, loud radios, and/or public address systems is prohibited.

The Spot is not responsible for supplying any electrical service. There is to be no testing of any electrical items in the building.

There is to be no drinking of alcoholic beverages.

The Spot is not responsible for your children. Your children are your responsibility. Please keep your children with you at all times.

The sale of counterfeit merchandise is prohibited. The sale of unlawful items such as counterfeit or pirated cassettes, CDs, DVDs, or videos, any look-alike or bogus handbags or any other products is strictly prohibited. The sale or display of any unlawful items will be grounds for immediate rejection from The Spot with no refund of rent. You are solely responsible for your actions and may be reported to the authorities.

Reasonable care and protection are given to property and people on our premises. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the licensor and owner of the premises against all claims for injury and damage to persons and property arising out of, or in any way related to, seller’s operations, including all costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred by or on account of licensor or owner. Licensor and owner assume no risk pursuant to common day or rest laws and/or regulations which may affect in any way the seller’s operations. We are not responsible for injuries or losses due to fire, theft, breakage, or collision. Articles left in cars or trucks are at owners’ of these vehicles risk.